Tortiglioni bio al limone Costa d'Amalfi

Ingredients for 4 people

450 g G. Di Martino Tortiglioni bio – 20 Vesuvio cherry tomatoes – 150 g fresh caprino – 40 g pine nuts – grated Costa d’Amalfi lemon peel – thyme - sugar, salt and pepper to taste.

Prepare a confit by cutting the tomatoes in half, sprinkling sugar, salt, oil and thyme over them and cooking in an oven at 80° C for an hour. In the meantime, toast the pine nuts in a pan over a high flame. Grate the lemon and use the peel to aromatize the goat cheese, together with a little oil. Cook the tortiglioni in abundant salted water. Put the cherry tomato confit in a pan with some oil and add a little pasta cooking water. Drain the tortiglioni and transfer to the pan with the cherry tomato confit. Lastly, add the lemon flavoured fresh goat cheese and serve.