A long cut similar to spaghetti but larger in diameter, Neapolitan in origin and with a very long history: one document shows that it was already being sold in 1284. The first record of how to cook vermicelli appears in Maestro Martino’s Libro de arte coquinaria (1464) and by the 16th century pasta makers in Naples were being called "vermicellari". They’re usually eaten with the traditional pummarola (tomato sauce), vegetable sauces (eg. courgettes, aubergines and peppers), fish or mollusc based sauces or quick dressings (oil, garlic and chilli pepper).

Immagine della confezione del prodotto
Immagine della confezione del prodottoZoom

Scheda delle caratteristiche fisiche del prodotto

Length (mm) 250
Diameter (mm) 1,90
Al dente cooking time (min) 10
Packet weight:
500 g
1 Lb